Business Process Automation

When pondering the end result of desired business processes often the completion of tasks requires manual assistance. Oddly enough, this is the point at which workflow output can benefit most from automating the business process.

By automating you can seamlessly follow the business process through subsequent approvals or changes. Whereas with a printed document, that is entered into a system, used to update items in other systems, printed and faxed for final approval. A cycle that can incur unforeseen errors and is time consuming is also unnecessary.

Why automate now?

Consider a basic claim where there can be as little as 100,000 requests a year. Then take the costs of operating and sending faxes, telephone calls, payroll for re-keying material, document filing, electricity, paper, office space…etc. Conservatively around $20 per request is saved.

For 100,000 requests per year at $20 easily equals 2 million dollars in annual savings - achieved through the removal of these manual steps.

You could save 2 million dollars a year, by removing this small step.......?

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