Increased Agility

Is your company agile? This is question you should not be afraid to ask yourself because the answer is critical to your success. Connexion Technology can assist in implementing the changes required to allow for this transition to come into full bloom.

Our assessment of your organizations strengths and proven insight to improve your weaknesses by enhancing your business processes through automating - heightens agility. We accomplish this by instilling the following criteria in your company:

  • Ensuring you use your technology to reduce costs today by standardizing and digitizing core processes.
  • Decreasing costs for running existing business processes.
  • Assuring project linkage. Similar to constructing a Lego set - each area should easily build upon another, thus creating reusable platforms - that can save money.

Companies who are more agile are able to adapt to change faster, this is a known fact.

There is a great article by Dr Peter Weill, in the MIT Sloan Management Review and also carried by Wall Street Journal on Nov 30th.